How Hard Can It Be!

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About Our Page

With the world panicked by the corona virus I thought I would share some ideas on how to school your children at home but then…

…our youngest child developed a 24hr temperature, dry cough and a week long headache. So, on Wednesday 18th March my wife and I found ourselves quarrantined for 2 weeks with our 3 beautiful children aged 6, 7 and 8.

Both teachers, two thoughts crossed our minds. Firstly, we get to spend two weeks with our ‘babies’ and enjoy some real family time whilst having the opportunity to home school; something my wife and I currently have quite strong views about. More about that later.  Secondly, how do we continue to work as full-time teachers from home using distance learning methods?

Read  our story as it unfolds over the coming weeks and months.  We would love you to share yours with us too.

Here’s Our Story. Our Family. Our Learning Journey.

Isabella, 9 years, Harrison, 8 years, and Benjamin, 6 years old would love you to follow their progress.

Mum & Dad’s Curriculum

Reading & Writing

A life skill EVERY child needs.  Take a look at what you can do at home to support your children at home

Maths & Science

Here’s what we’ve been doing to put the fun back into maths and science!

The Arts

I am a passionate musician and creative arts teacher. This is THE reason I want to home school my children. 

Critical Thinking

We love a challenge.  Even more, we love a problem and trying to come up with a CREATIVE solution.